Ring Neodymium Permanent Magnet Step Motor

Ring Neodymium Permanent Magnet Step Motor

Product description

Neodymium Loudspeakers have several rewards over traditional ceramic magnet designs&time period Usually they are significantly lighter and much more effective than standard speakers which use ferrite&comma AlNiCo or Samarium Cobalt magnets&time period Neodymium speakers frequently have motors that use a small cylindrical slug or ring magnet that is encased in a minimal carbon metal pot framework&time period The magnetic flux which is already much more than 10 moments greater than any other material is concentrated throughout the “hole” exactly where the voice coil moves back again and forth&time period The power of the motor &lparBxL&rpar will increase so performance goes up and the total magnetic construction becomes far more compact&interval Typically Neo speakers have the additional benifit of not causing any &lparEMI&rpar interference from stray magnetic flux so by definition they are video shielded&interval Neodymium magnets are element of the content science of the foreseeable future with purposes increasing everyday&time period 1 illustration is the quick growing earbud industry&period of time Neo has produced it attainable to basically shrink down headphones to sizes that will suit inside of your ears&period of time In addition they are also effective enough to create high volume audio from small battery powered gadgets with minimal amplifier output such as walkmans&comma MP3 gamers&comma tablets&comma laptops and mobile telephones&time period

Ring NdFeB Magnets Production process&colon
Raw Resources–>Mixture—>Vacuum Melting— > Powder Production— >Molding —> Vacuum Sintering— > Tests— >Mechanical Processing— > Surface Coating— >Magnetized— > Inspecting— > Packing and Delivery&time period

Ring NdFeB Magnets Instructions of Magnetization&colon
A&period of time Thickness Magnetized
B&interval Axially Magnetized
C&time period Diametrally Magnetized
D&period of time Multi-poles magnetized
E&period of time Radial Magnetized
F&period of time CZPTized particular specifications magnetized

The aggressive advantages are as follows&colon
1&period Broad solution assortment&comma covering all grades from N sequence to AH collection&interval
two&period of time Samples and tiny amount are CZPT&interval
3&period of time Inventory uncooked metallic components for shorter lead time&period
four&interval Comparatively reduced value&interval
5&time period CZPT top quality and technologies innovation&time period

If you have any issue plese contant me&colon Candy 13987586507

Substantial Efficiency Sinterated NdFeB Magnet Product Quality Remanence&semiBr Coercive Force&semibHc Intrisic Coercive Force&semiiHc Max Energy Product&semi&lparBH&rparmax Working
Temp&period of time
kGs T kOe KA&solm kOe KA&solm MGOe KJ&solm3
Max&interval Min&period of time Max&interval Min&interval Max&time period Min&time period Max&time period Min&period
N N54 fifteen&period1  14&period5  1&period51  1&period45  &geq10&period5 &geq836 &geq11 &geq876 fifty five fifty one 438 406 ≤80
N52 14&period8  fourteen&period2  one&period48  one&period42  &geq10&period5 &geq836 &geq11 &geq876 fifty three forty nine 422 390 ≤80
N50 fourteen&period5  14&period0  one&period45  one&period40  &geq11&period0 &geq876 &geq12 &geq955 fifty one 47 406 374 ≤80
N48 fourteen&period3  13&period7  1&period43  one&period37  &geq11&period0 &geq876 &geq12 &geq955 49 forty five 390 358 ≤80
N45 13&period8  13&period2  1&period38  1&period32  &geq11&period0 &geq876 &geq12 &geq955 forty six forty two 366 334 ≤80
N42 13&period5  twelve&period9  1&period35  1&period29  &geq11&period0 &geq876 &geq12 &geq955 forty four 40 350 318 ≤80
N40 13&period2  twelve&period6  1&period32  one&period26  &geq11&period0 &geq876 &geq12 &geq955 forty one 38 334 302 ≤80
N38 13&period0  12&period2  1&period30  1&period22  &geq11&period0 &geq876 &geq12 &geq955 forty 36 318 287 ≤80
N35 twelve&period2  11&period7  one&period22  one&period17  &geq10&period9 &geq868 &geq12 &geq955 36 33 287 263 ≤80
M N52M 14&period8  14&period2  1&period48  1&period42  &geq13&period3 &geq1059 &geq14 &geq1114 43 49 422 390 ≤100
N50M fourteen&period5  14&period0  1&period45  one&period40  &geq13&period1 &geq1043 &geq14 &geq1114 forty one forty seven 406 374 ≤100
N48M 14&period3  thirteen&period7  1&period43  1&period37  &geq12&period8 &geq1019 &geq14 &geq1114 49 45 390 358 ≤100
N45M 13&period8  thirteen&period2  one&period38  1&period32  &geq12&period4 &geq987 &geq14 &geq1114 46 42 366 334 ≤100
N42M thirteen&period5  12&period9  one&period35  1&period29  &geq12&period1 &geq963 &geq14 &geq1114 44 forty 350 318 ≤100
N40M thirteen&period2  twelve&period6  1&period32  1&period26  &geq11&period8 &geq939 &geq14 &geq1114 41 38 334 302 ≤100
N38M thirteen&period0  12&period2  1&period30  1&period22  &geq11&period7 &geq915 &geq14 &geq1114 40 36 318 287 ≤100
N35M  12&period2  eleven&period7  one&period22  one&period17  &geq10&period9 &geq868 &geq14 &geq1114 36 33 287 263 ≤100
H N50H fourteen&period5  14&period0  1&period45  1&period40  &geq12&period9 &geq1571 &geq16 &geq1274 51 47 406 374 ≤120
N48H 14&period3  thirteen&period7  one&period43  1&period37  &geq12&period7 &geq1011 &geq16 &geq1274 forty nine forty five 390 358 ≤120
N46H fourteen&period0  13&period4  one&period40  1&period34  &geq12&period5 &geq995 &geq17 &geq1353 47 forty three 374 342 ≤120
N44H thirteen&period7  thirteen&period1  one&period37  one&period31  &geq12&period3 &geq979 &geq17 &geq1353 45 41 358 326 ≤120
N42H thirteen&period5  twelve&period9  1&period35  1&period29  &geq12&period1 &geq963 &geq17 &geq1353 44 forty 350 318 ≤120
N40H thirteen&period2  12&period6  1&period32  1&period26  &geq11&period8 &geq939 &geq17 &geq1353 42 38 334 302 ≤120
N38H 13&period0  12&period2  one&period30  1&period22  &geq11&period5 &geq915 &geq17 &geq1353 40 36 318 287 ≤120
N35H twelve&period4  eleven&period7  one&period24  one&period17  &geq11&period0 &geq876 &geq17 &geq1353 37 33 295 263 ≤120
N33H 11&period7  11&period3  1&period17  1&period13  &geq10&period5 &geq836 &geq17 &geq1353 34 31 271 247 ≤120
SH N45SH 14&period0  thirteen&period4  one&period40  one&period34  &geq12&period5 &geq995 &geq20 &geq1592 47 43 374 342 ≤150
N44SH thirteen&period7  thirteen&period1  one&period37  one&period31  &geq12&period3 &geq979 &geq20 &geq1592 forty five forty one 358 326 ≤150
N42SH thirteen&period5  twelve&period9  1&period35  one&period29  &geq12&period1 &geq963 &geq20 &geq1592 forty four 40 350 318 ≤150
N40SH thirteen&period2  12&period6  1&period32  one&period26  &geq11&period8 &geq939 &geq20 &geq1592 42 38 334 302 ≤150
N38SH twelve&period9  12&period2  one&period29  1&period22  &geq11&period5 &geq915 &geq20 &geq1592 forty 36 318 287 ≤150
N35SH twelve&period4  eleven&period7  1&period24  one&period17  &geq11&period0 &geq876 &geq20 &geq1592 37 33 295 263 ≤150
N33SH twelve&period1  eleven&period4  1&period21  one&period14  &geq10&period7 &geq852 &geq20 &geq1592 35 31 279 247 ≤150
UH N42UH thirteen&period5  12&period9  1&period35  one&period29  &geq12&period1 &geq963 &geq25 &geq1990 44 40 350 318 ≤180
N40UH thirteen&period2  twelve&period6  one&period32  1&period26  &geq11&period8 &geq939 &geq25 &geq1990 forty two 38 334 302 ≤180
N38UH 12&period9  12&period2  1&period29  one&period22  &geq11&period5 &geq915 &geq25 &geq1990 forty 36 318 287 ≤180
N35UH 12&period4  11&period7  1&period24  1&period17  &geq11&period0 &geq876 &geq25 &geq1990 37 33 295 263 ≤180
N33UH 12&period1  eleven&period4  one&period21  one&period14  &geq10&period7 &geq852 &geq25 &geq1990 35 31 279 247 ≤180
N30UH 11&period6  ten&period8  1&period16  one&period08  &geq10&period2 &geq812 &geq25 &geq1990 32 28 255 223 ≤180
EH N38EH twelve&period9  twelve&period2  one&period29  1&period22  &geq11&period5 &geq915 &geq30 &geq2388 40 36 318 287 ≤200
N35EH twelve&period4  eleven&period7  one&period24  one&period17  &geq11&period0 &geq876 &geq30 &geq2388 37 33 295 263 ≤200
N33EH twelve&period1  eleven&period4  1&period21  one&period14  &geq10&period7 &geq851 &geq30 &geq2388 35 31 279 247 ≤200
N30EH eleven&period5  ten&period8  1&period15  1&period08  &geq10&period2 &geq812 &geq30 &geq2388 32 28 255 223 ≤200
AH N33AH twelve&period1  eleven&period4  1&period21  1&period14  &geq10&period7 &geq852 &geq35 &geq2786 35 31 279 247 ≤230
N30AH eleven&period5  10&period8  1&period15  1&period08  &geq10&period2 &geq812 &geq35 &geq2786 32 28 255 223 ≤230
N28AH 11&period2  ten&period4  one&period12  1&period04  &geq9&period70 &geq772 &geq35 &geq2786 thirty 26 239 207 ≤230


Ring Neodymium Permanent Magnet Step Motor


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