factory custom 6V High Precision 16mm 20nm DC Gear stepper motor



provide micro gear gearbox motor drives system custom services.
dc gear motor(size) Rated Voltage speed load current
3.4mm 1.5-5V  3.5-300rpm 100mA-220mA
4mm  2.4-300rpm  340mA
6mm 3 – 12V No Load Speed: 11-3824 rpm

Rated Load Speed: 10-3229 rpm

No Load Current: 40 mA

Rated Load Current: 100 mA

8mm  14 – 3111 rpm  Gear Stages: 1 – 4
10mm  3-24 V  No Load Speed: 20-4318 rpm

Rated Load Speed: 18-3625 rpm

 No-load Current: 60-80 mA
12mm  7 – 254 rpm  Gear Stages: 1 – 4
16mm  No-load Speed: 4-1,373 rpm

Rated Load Speed: 3-1,125 rpm

 No-load Current: 85-110 mA

Rated Load Current: 130-150 mA

20mm  No-load Speed: 7-1,636 rpm

Rated Load Speed: 7-1,420 rpm

 No-load Current: 70-90 mA

Rated Load Current: 125-130 mA

22mm  No-load Speed: 6-1,886 rpm

Rated Load Speed: 5-1,675 rpm

 No-load Current: 100-120 mA

Rated Load Current: 295-300 mA

24mm No-load Speed: 5-1,460 rpm

Rated Load Speed: 4-1,259 rpm

 No-load Current: 70-80 mA

Rated Load Current: 215-220 mA

28mm  5 – 1658 rpm  300mA max

Gear Stages: 1 – 4

32mm  5 – 1348 rpm  Gear Stages: 1 – 4
38mm  No-load Speed: 3-1,386 rpm

Rated Load Speed: 3-1,294 rpm

 No-load Current: 315-335 mA

Rated Load Current: 1,679-1,684 mA

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