volt 2hp bldc brushless planetary magnet electric dc gear geared motors



Kindly remind:

As different customers may need different motor parameter for fitting your equipment. If below motor can’t fit your
need, please kindly send inquiry to us with information for rated power or torque,rated speed, and rated voltage for our new size drawing making for you. Thanks a lot!
Dimensions (Unit: mm )
Mounting screws are included with gearhead
PLF090 planetary gear ratio parameter list (Please kindly choose the gear ratio you need and send message to let us know, we will update the size drawing based on your new gear ratio request soon.
Motor specification: (warm remind: below specification is based on 400W 48V 3000rpm +PLF90-40 planetary gear box. If you have any other specification needed, please just send messages to us, we will update the size drawing to you soon,thanks.)
No load speed (motor)
3300 rpm/min
Rated speed (motor)
3000 rpm/min
Rated current
Peak current
Gear ratio
Final output speed
Rated torque after gear box
Peak torque after gear box
Customizable accessories:motor length, shaft, voltage,power,rated speed and so on. Feature: A. High power range from 5W to 20KW B. Rich stock and fast shipping time in 10 working days C. Easy for speed & direction adjustment D. 16mm to 220mm size range with low noisy E. Strong stability for driver/controller F. Lifetime above continuous 10000 hours G. IP65 protection rank is available for us H. Above 90% enery efficiency motor is available I. 3D file is available if customers needed J. Permanent magnet brushless dc motor K.High-performance and stable matching driver and controller Notice for Usage: 1).Please don’t use motor out of the range of nameplate of gear box and motor and the specification of product catalogue, avoiding getting an electric shock, hurting or damaging the device. 2).Please do not put your fingers and things into the opening part of gear or motor ,in order to prevent getting and electric shock,hurting,catching a fire of damaging device etc. 3).Please do not use the Injured gear head of motor, in prder to orevent hurting,catching a fire etc. 4).Please do not put off the nameolate. 5) If the products are reformed by the customers personally, it no longer belongs to the guarantee scope, and our company doesn’t undertake any responsibility. 6) When you move it, if it shed off or tilt to one side, it is very dangerous, please pay more attention. 7) Please must not put the flammable thing near the gear head and motor, in order to prevent catching a fire.
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