High Torque Powerful 36V 350W Electric bicycle Hub Motor

   High Torque Potent 36V 350W electric bicyle hub motor

100G E-Bike Kit is intelligent, smooth and straightforward. The important characteristics various with others are as beneath:

one. basic, only three elements(motor, controller and display) and 2 cables, can be put in in 10 minutes
two. intelligent power,  providing smoothly launching, uphill improve and intelligent brake detection
three. long selection, about 140KM for ten.4AH battery, 70KM for 5.2AH(use one stage energy level)
4. Vast adaptability, suited for types of bikes  (mountain bicycle, street bike & racing bicycle) and a range of wheel dimensions

Detailed parameters are confirmed in the table below.

Motor  36V/250W-350W Front/Rear Geared hub motor  
(Model : 100G-Sensible-Q) 
one. Brushless Geared hub motor      
two. Spoked with double-wall Aluminum rim. 
3. V Brake/ Disc brake CZPT 
4. Rated speed=25KM/H 32KM/H. 
five. Load≤150KG 
six. Motor cable with waterproof connector . 
Battery  36V/ten.4AH lithium-ion battery (LG mobile 3200MAH) 
All battery which includes fuse and BMS. 
Charger  AC 100V -240V  2AMPS smart charger 
Controller  36V/13A-15A intelligent brushless controller,minimal voltage defense =30V 
PAS  Developed-in motor
Throttle  Thumb throttle/Twist throttle for option 
Display  LED /Lcd Screen for option 
Braking  E-brakes levers or E-brake sensor for motor energy cut off  for alternative
wiring  Water-proof harness or typical link(Bullet/PP30 for motor and JST/DJ2.8 for other electrical elements) 

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High Torque Powerful 36V 350W Electric bicycle Hub Motor