Shehwa SD7 Dozer Engine Fan 0t35210

Shehwa SD7 Dozer Engine Fan 0t35210

Engine CYLINDER head AND Components

Components Selection :
    Cylinder block, cylinder head ,main bearing , crankshaft, piston,liner, camshaft, Rod, oil cooler, drinking water radiator, oil pan, oil pump, gasoline pump, water pump, turbocharger, supporter ,belt, injector, alternator, flywheel, starting motor

Match Motor: 
CUM Mins: NT855-C280, NT855-C360, NT855-C400, KTA19, QSK19, 6BT5.9, 6CT
WEICHAI: WD615 WD10 WD12 WP6 WP7 WP10, TD226B
SHANGCHAI: D6114, C6121, SC8D143G2B1 SC11CB184G2B1
KOM ATSU: 4D95 6D102 6D107 6D108 6D114 6D125 6D140 6D155 6D170
CAT: 3304 3306 C9
 :6742-21-1121,6742-21-1122,6742-21-1125 :6743-31-2110 :6742-01-2790 :6742-01-2800 :6742-01-5309 :6742-01-5159 :6742-01-1520 :6742-01-2700 :6742-01-5199 :6742-01-2750 :6742-01-2870 :6742-01-2112 :6742-01-1220 :6742-01-1260 :6742-01-1280 O:6742-01-4080
3066(S6K)2128566/1838230 E200/320/320B/320C 
CZPT:3304/3306 Chamber 8S3970 
CZPT:3406/3408/3412 Chamber 4N3714 
CZPT:3304PC Cylinder CZPT 8N1188 Loaded 7N8574  2W0654
CZPT:3304DI Cylinder CZPT 1N4304 Loaded 7N8874 
CZPT:3306PC Cylinder CZPT 8N1187 8N1188 Loaded 6N8103  2W0656
CZPT:3306DI Cylinder CZPT 8N6796 Loaded 7N8876  7C3906
CZPT:3406DI Cylinder CZPT a hundred and ten-5096 
CZPT:3406PC Cylinder CZPT 110-5097 
  CZPT:3204/3208 Cylinder CZPT 6I2378
CZPT: 3116 Cylinder Block  149-5401
CZPT: 3126 Cylinder Block  126-5923
CZPT: 3304 Cylinder Block 1N3574 Casting no 7N5454
CZPT:3306 Cylinder Block 1N3576 7N5456 7N6550 Casting no 4P0623 
CZPT:3066/S6K/320 Cylinder Block 5I7776  2128566/1838230 E200/320/320B/320C 
CZPT:3304 Crankshaft 4N7692 with gear 4N7699 
CZPT:3306 Crankshaft 4N7693 with gear 2W7458 
Cummi ns:Cylinder CZPT 4BT3920005,6BT3967459,6CT3973493,ISBE 24Valve,ISL24 Valve 
Cum mins:Cylinder Block 4BT39 0571 ,6BT395717,6CT3939313, ISBE
    Cummi ns: Crankshaft 4BT3908031, 6BT3908032, 6CT3917320, NT8553418949, M11357107
beam assy OB43000 Т-one hundred sixty five
beam OF10000 Т-165
outer drum 0A OA20002 Т-a hundred sixty five
keep track of-shoe bolt+screw nut 0А23170/0А23171 Т-165 
roll rigidity bolt М20*70 GB5783-86
knife bolt+screw nut М20*sixty five GB10-88 + М20 GB6175-86
bolt 0A OA 0571 six Т-one hundred sixty five
bolt М24*one,5*67 0A OA21036
bolt+screw nut Т-165 0A OA21036/0A OA21016+GB6171-86(М24*one,five)
hub bolt 0А21046 Т-165
pushed shaft (secondary) 0A OA13006 Т-a hundred sixty five
primary clutch shaft 0A OA10005 Т-165 
rear axle shaft 0A OA52008 Т-165
universal joint shaft assy (serial 275mm) 1V57100 Т-a hundred sixty five
shaft 0A OA 0571 two Т-165
principal shaft (spindle) 0A OA13052 Т-165 
main shaft (spindle) 0A OA132052 Т-one hundred sixty five
intermediate shaft (next motion) 0A OA13008 Т-one hundred sixty five
push shaft 1S57126 Т-one hundred sixty five
loafer wheel mounting yoke 0A OA23094
bullbar liner (rubber seal) 0A OA23006 Т-one hundred sixty five
beam liner (metal) OF10001 Т-one hundred sixty five
bullbar liner 0A OA23005 Т-a hundred sixty five
sleeve 52571/0A OA23066 Т-165
sleeve 0A OA21032 Т-165 
driven shaft sleeve 0A OA 13005 Т-a hundred sixty five
sleeve 0A OA21031 Т-one hundred sixty five
2nd motion shaft sleeve bimetal 0A OA 13571 Т-a hundred sixty five
next motion shaft splined sleeve 0A OA 13015 Т-a hundred sixty five
next movement shaft splined sleeve 0A OA 13017 Т-165 
second motion shaft splined sleeve, slender 0A OA13016 Т-165
second movement shaft length sleeve, thick 0A OA 13571Т-165
driven shaft length sleeve 0A OA13036 Т-one hundred sixty five
major shaft length sleeve 0A OA13043 Т-a hundred sixty five
primary shaft splined sleeve 0A OA13046 Т-165 
spindle sleeve 0A OA-13002 Т-one hundred sixty five
hydraulic cylinder assy 1V3000 Т-one hundred sixty five
hydraulic cylinder assy 1V4000 Т-165
axle nut (double) 0A OA21043
observe shoe screw nut М20 GB175-86 Т-one hundred sixty five
phase screw nut М24*one,5 0A OA21016
retaining nut (little cylinder) 0A OA 21002 Т-165
hydraulic technique 1V28000
hydraulic valve 1V10042 Т-one hundred sixty five №2011050096
hydraulic valve 1V10042 Т-165 №2011129009
hydraulic convertor 1S04000 Т-165
caterpiller observe assy (swamp, 43 track back links, 910mm) 203-forty three-910 Т-one hundred sixty five
caterpiller keep track of assy (normal, 38 track backlinks, 500mm, flat keep track of shoe) 0A OA23215 Т-165
oil pressure sensor 1G14017
oil pressure sensor 1V17571
oil force sensor 9G-8571
internatl combustion motor coolant temperature sensor 0T22060


Shehwa SD7 Dozer Engine Fan 0t35210


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