Servo Motor at AC 230V 1kw 2500rpm

Max&period of time Output current&colon thirteen&period2&semi
Rated Line Voltage&colon 220V AC
Rated Torque&colon four N&periodm
Best Torque&colon twelve N&periodm
Internet Excess weight&colon four&period1 kg
Hook up solitary-period AC servo generate US112-00R8 &lparinput voltage&colon a hundred and seventy~253VAC&comma fifty&sol60Hz&rpar
The atmosphere characteristic is ideal within -20 to forty diploma celsius and reduced to 90&percnt humidity&time period

UniMAT US100 Sequence Servo Program CZPT Configuration Chart

Serial Number Electricity Range Servo Driver Product No&period Servo Motor Product No&interval Motor Cable Model No&interval Encoder Cable Product No&time period
one 200W US112-00R8 UM060-00R20-30BA USCM03-05C USCE03C
&lparSoft Cable&rpar
2 400W UM060-00R40-30BA
3 750W UM080-00R80-30BA
4 1kW UM080-01R00-25BA
        USCM03-10A USCE03A
&lparSoft Cable&rpar
five two&period0kW US132-02R0 UM130-02R00-25DA

US200 Series Servo Motor Specification 

Motor Kind UM060-00R20-30BA UM060-00
UM080-00R80-30BA UM080-01
UM110-01R50-30DA UM130-02R00-25DA
Rated Electrical power &lparKW&rpar &period2 &period4 &period75 1&period0 one&period5 two&period0
Rated Thread voltage&lparV&rpar 220 220 220 220 220 220
Rated Thread Present&lparA&rpar one&period2 2&period8 3 4&period4 six seven&period5
Rated Pace
3000 3000 3000 2500 3000 2500
Rated torque
&period637 one&period27 two&period39 4&period0 5 7&period7
Top torque
one&period91 three&period9 seven&period1 twelve 15 22
Prime present
    nine 13&period2   22&period5
Again emf
30&period9 29&period6 48 fifty six sixty two sixty eight
Coefficient of torque
&period53 &period45 &period8 &period9 &period83 1&period06
Rotor inertial
&period175×10-4 &period29×10-four 1&period82×10-4 two&period97×10-four &period63×10-3 1&period53×10-three
Winding resistance &lpar&ohm&rpar 6&period18 two&period35 two&period88 one&period83 one&period03 1&period01
Winding inductance &lparmH&rpar 29&period3 fourteen&period5 six&period4 four&period72 three&period43 2&period94
CZPTal time continual &lparms&rpar four&period74 six&period17 2&period22 two&period58 three&period33 three&period8
Weight &lparKg&rpar one&period16 1&period6 two&period9 4&period1 six&period8 ten
Encoder thread
Diploma of motor Insulation Course F
Security diploma IP65
Environment Temperature&colon-20ºC~40ºC&commaHumidity<90&percnt&lparNon condensing&rpar
Motor winding socket Winding prospects U&lparred&rpar V&lparyellow&rpar W&lparblue&rpar PE&lparyellow environmentally friendly&solblack&rpar
Socket No&interval one two 3 four
Encoder Socket Sign prospects VCC GND A &solA B  &solB Z &solZ PE
Socket No&period of time 1 two 3 4 five six seven eight 9


Servo Motor at AC 230V 1kw 2500rpm