Rice Noodles Packing Machine

Automatic Packaging Equipment with Base Film Sending &lparQNF450B&rpar is suitable for wrapping quick noodles with many soup luggage and several blocks of instantaneous noodles
Machine has fully solved the bag dropping and bag cutting dilemma during the packaging method&interval

Primary technical info&colon
Capability&colon fifty to 200 packs&solminute
Bag measurement&colon
Length&colon 70 to 400mm
Width&colon 32 to 200mm
Top&colon 5 to 120mm
Floor space &lparL x W&rpar&colon four&comma four hundred x 965mm
Energy consumption&colon 3&period7kW
Single section&colon 220V
Web weight&colon one&comma 000kg
Packing material&colon Any heat-melt-reduce sealing components such as paper&comma PE&comma OPP and AL

Mechanical attributes&colon
Design of mechanical is simple and reasonable&comma which helps make the operation easy and reliable&interval Adopting double-generate extended &lparvertical&rpar sealing system&comma can make the prolonged sealing steady&comma agency and neat&period of time Large pace conclude &lparhorizontal&rpar sealing system can make obvious and gorgeous sealed stripes&interval Perform of automated quit at the fixed position is supplied security clutch for special goods to protect the packed things is CZPT&interval

CZPT attributes&colon
Control panel and drive buttons on the front of the machine to control all actions&interval Electronic indicator exhibits the dimension of the film to be minimize&comma packing speed&comma capability and all the other data&time period Laptop handle reduces the mechanical getting in contact with details and makes the method much more steady&comma reliable&comma routine maintenance basic&time period
Inverter is convenient and simple to adjust the motor pace&period of time Photo sensor is used to take a look at the shade mark on the movie&comma non-getting in touch with points and two-way tracing are CZPT&interval

Optional auxiliary unit&colon
Automatic grouping gadget&time period
Computerized tidying device&period
Computerized feeding system&time period
Automatic film connecting gadget&period
Date printing gadget&period

Rice Noodles Packing Machine