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Clf Series Marine Self-Suction Elecric Motor Driven Vertical Crushing Pump

CLF Sequence Marine Self-suction Elecric Motor Pushed Vertical Crushing Pump

Marine Reducing Pump:
Marine slicing pump is developed to transfer domestic sewage like paper, meals debris,sludge with temperature under 85ºC.Slicing pump is a significant part for marine sewage treatment method plant,If you require any of reducing pump,pls truly feel free to send out us yr requirements by e mail,we will comply with up asap.

CLF Collection Maritime Crushing Pump:
The CLF collection maritime self-suction vertical crushing pump is pushed by marine electrical motor. this crushing pump characteristics in integration of self suction, chopping and non-clogging drain, it is able to cut into parts the lengthy fibers, paper belts and other overseas compound in the sewage prior to draining them out although unique design of the pump physique and impellerflow channel, the pump is permit of self-suction function, as the common distinct water pump on which it is not essential to set up base valve.

Broadly employed in light business, paper producing textiled, foods, chemicals, electricity sector, mining, boat, urban sewage drainage and auqatic lifestyle, the CLF series marine self-suction vertical crushing pump is the most ideal pump at existing in China to supply the medium that contains soilid particles, fibers, pulps and combined suspension.

Variety Ability
Motor type and power
40CLF-3 ten forty 2900 five Y132S1-2H  5.five 220
40CLF-3A  10 30 2900 five Y122M-2H   4 182

Clf Series Marine Self-Suction Elecric Motor Driven Vertical Crushing Pump