54mm DC Brush Motor with 24V 90W

CZPT Information

  • Ball bearings
  • Ceramic magnet
  • eleven slot armature
  • Mounting holes to DIN normal 42016
  • Graphite-copper brushes
  • Encoder brake and planetary gearbox CZPT


Specification  MB054TP600
Voltage  24V DC
No load speed  4000rpm
No load current  0.3A
Nominal torque  0.26Nm
Nominal pace  3300rpm
Nominal electricity  90W
Nominal recent  5.3A
Peak torque  1.4Nm
Peak current  27.3A
Rotor inertia  370kg.mm²)
KE  5.77V/k rpm
Resistance  0.88 ohms
Insulation class  B 
Fat  1.3kg
Size  126mm


Attribute diagram

Unique shaft and other mechanical characteristic are optional.


54mm DC Brush Motor with 24V 90W