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3 Plys KN95 N95 Automatic Disposable Nonwoven Face Mask Making Machine

This production line of 1+1 full-automatic earloop mask equipment realizes the full-automatic production of internal earloop mask,The manufacturing approach largely includes:

  1. material feeding
  2. mask folding and mask pressing
  3. nose strap feeding
  4. mask forming
  5. mask reducing
  6. ear band feeding and earloop welding
  7. ear band binding and welding
  8. completed products stacking

Complete the entire production method from raw materials roll to completed merchandise of mask. The gear adopts ultrasonic welding method, with gorgeous style, sanitation and environmental protection
one,Adopting ultrasonic welding technology, the completed solution is gorgeous, sanitary and environmental pleasant
2,The total creation line is automated from feeding, nose strap inserting, edge sealing and slicing finished goods, which is productive and labor-preserving.
three,The body structure is made of aluminum alloy and the key areas are manufactured of stainless steel. The whole line is resilient, simple to cleanse and gorgeous.
four,Laptop PLC programming handle, stage or servo drive, partial pneumatic generate, substantial security, lower failure charge, large efficiency etc.
5,Feeding, welding and binding of ear belt are driven by step or servo motor.
six,Automatic control the tension of the raw materialsto make certain the rigidity stability of raw components.
seven.Photoelectric (optical fiber) detection of raw components to keep away from mistakes and reduce material waste

Speed 800-110pcs/min 
machine measurement 1500*1200*1700
machine weight 500Kgs
voltage 220V
electricity eight.5kw


3 Plys KN95 N95 Automatic Disposable Nonwoven Face Mask Making Machine